Rsupport Corporation

Front-end Web Deveoper • August, 2017 — November, 2017

I worked as a front-end engineer at this company with great companions. I used React, Redux to make front-view of Mobile Application Test Automation Solution, which is called by TAAS.

  • React, Redux, webpack
  • Test Automation

Namee Corporation

Full Stack Web Developer • Nov, 2015 — July, 2017

My struggling at this company made me grow by a miracle cause I was responsible for entire system on service. From infrastructure to front-end, there were a lot of challenges which I had to overcome. At this time, I became a big fan of Git and Github. Hence, I made a coursework("https://github.com/newpouy/git-coursework-for-team").

    Namee business card Oder System(NOS) maintenance and development
  • Java, jsp, javascript, jquery
  • tomcat, Apache
  • MySql, IIS, ASP
    Namee Working System(NWS) development
  • Java, Springboot, JPA, Hibernate
  • javascript, React, Redux
    Namee Mobile App RESTful API server maintenance
  • AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS lambda, AWS API gateway, AWS beanstalk, AWS ELB, AWS Opswork
  • Spring, SpringBoot, SpringBatch, Mybatis, MySql, Spring Security
  • jira, confluence


Sales, Full Stack Developer • May, 2013 — Nov, 2015

This company was made by myself. I managed to run it by outsourcing work from various client and teaching how to use CMS tool such as Wordpress.

  • Wordpress, PHP, CodeIgniter
  • Java, Android


Ssanyoung Institute of System Technology

Java, Web programming • 2012

Yonsei University

Human Art College / Psychology / Korean linguistics & literature • 1999~2008

Private Projects

Instructor • 2015

exploring deep inside javascript

Founder & manager • 2017 — Present


leader • 2014

managed a group for people who want to learn the way how to use arduino and 3D printer

leader • 2016

organized and led a study group to learn how to use git for team



Linux, AWS various functions such as EC2, RDS, Lambda and so on

Back-end, Database

Java, Spring, nodejs, Mysql


javacript, jquery, react, CSS, SCSS


react-native, Anrdoid, jquery-mobile


git, jenkins, jira, confluence